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We are seeking those who seek the historic Church.

Come learn to sing a cappella with us.

Readers and an experienced Chanter are needed.

Bread bakers and other helpers are needed.

Inquirer's coffee in Hayward at Starbucks on Mission Blvd. and "A" street. Call (510) 538-1210 for meeting times.

Freedom From Phyletism

Most Eastern Orthodox parishes are basically ethnocentric, especially serving one of those communities who have arrived from different countries such as the Greeks, Russians, Romanians, Finns, Serbians, Antiochians etc. These parishes vary in the amount of English in their services if any. Many Orthodox Christians must travel long distances to find a local Church that is familiar to their ethnic background. All the churches make some attempt to accomodate those of other ethnic traditions with more or less success. To not do so would constitute the sin of phyletism.

Saint Seraphim of Sarov Russian Orthodox Mission is dedicated to serving people of all cultural backgrounds. Eastern Orthodoxy is worldwide and we intend to reflect that diversity in our art and a cappella music.